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Structural Repairs and Alterations in Epsom and London

Brickpoint London is a brickwork repair contractor in London and Surrey with over four generations of experience in structural repairs. Our team provides efficient structural repair solutions for classic and contemporary properties across Epsom, Tooting, Kingston, Richmond, and London.

Experts in all aspects of s structural repairs and alterations, we use industry-leading techniques that guarantee lasting protection and durability for structures. Suitable for commercial and domestic brickwork and masonry, our structural repairs quickly resolve minor and major issues affecting your property.

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Our Structural Repair Services in London

Brickpoint London offers a wide range of structural repair solutions for cost-effective prices. Repairing structural damage is complex, with different processes used depending on the type of masonry and issues affecting it.

Our team completes structural repairs that address common issues such as cracks in walls, cavity wall tie corrosion, concrete damage, and bowing walls.

We use various structural repair products to restore structural integrity and safety, including:

Crack Stitching

Crack stitching kits provide a fast and efficient way to repair vertical cracks in walls. The kits allow us to carefully repair cracks and restore structural integrity while preventing more extensive cracking in the future.

Helical Bars

Our Heli bar repair solutions use helical bar systems to complete various masonry repairs. Helical bars are made from high-strength steel and suitable for structural repairs like crack stitching and lintel repairs.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, helical bars are incredibly versatile, allowing us to complete structural repairs and reinforcements on classic and contemporary properties.

Wall Tie Replacements

Cavity wall tie replacements are a quick and effective way to restore structural integrity in walls with corroded or missing wall ties. Corrosion is common on cavity wall ties over time, causing them to expand and move the surrounding brickwork.

The brickwork expansion eventually results in horizontal cracks where the cavity wall ties are. Our wall tie replacement service quickly addresses these issues to restore structural integrity throughout the wall.

Lateral Restraints

Lateral restraints help address issues with exterior brick walls, such as bowing and deflection. They work by restraining the entire brick wall to floor joists, and they are much less invasive than other restraining methods, like angle straps.

When it comes to structural repairs in bowing walls, lateral restraints offer one of the fastest and most affordable solutions.

Concrete Repair

We offer quick and easy concrete repair solutions for all properties in London and Surrey. While one of the strongest and most durable construction materials, concrete is prone to damage over time.

Once damage appears, it’s important to complete concrete repairs as quickly as possible to minimise its spread. We repair all types of concrete damage, finishing with a protective treatment to prevent future damage.

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