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Commerical and Domestic Brickwork Repair Contractor in Fulham

Brickpoint London is a leading brickwork repair contractor in Fulham with over four generations of industry experience. We provide a complete range of commercial and domestic brickwork services for modern and contemporary properties throughout Fulham.

Whether you’re seeking affordable brickwork repointing or fast brickwork repairs, our team are here to help. Fully trained and insured, our brickwork repair contractors produce exceptional workmanship on projects of all scopes and sizes.

Contact Brickpoint London today for an obligation-free quote for commercial and domestic brickwork services in Fulham.

Stone Masonry and Brickwork Repair

Brickpoint London provides tailormade stone masonry and brickwork repair services in Fulham and surrounding locations. We repair all types of brickwork, addressing common problems like cracks, splits, and failing mortar.

Our team uses the latest brickwork repair techniques to ensure fast and efficient repairs without the need for invasive structural work.

Brickwork Repointing

Brickpoint London offers premium-quality brickwork repointing services in Fulham for cost-effective prices. Bricks last for decades with minor maintenance, yet their mortar often deteriorates much quicker, increasing the risks of water damage and misplaced brickwork.

We offer affordable brickwork repointing that restores structural integrity and durability.

Brickwork Pointing

Looking for dependable brick pointing for traditional or modern property in Fulham? Then look no further than Brickpoint London. Experts in commercial and domestic brick pointing, our team carefully install quality pointing that strengthens masonry and boosts water resistance.

We install all types of brick pointing in Fulham, including:

  • Flush Pointing
  • Recessed Pointing
  • Struck Pointing
  • Rubbed, Keyed, or Grooved Pointing
  • V-Pointing

Brickwork Cleaning

Brickpoint London offers reliable brickwork cleaning services for all types of properties in Fulham.

Buildings in London face constant exposure to the elements and various pollutants that can stain and dirty the property façade. Our brickwork cleaning service offers a simple solution to these problems, leaving your property looking as good as new.

We use advanced brick cleaning processes, including DOFF cleaner and TORC cleaner systems, to carefully clean masonry of dirt, grime, and pollutants.

Brickwork and Stone Masonry Restoration

Brickpoint London is a trusted provider of stone masonry and brickwork restoration services in Fulham. Our expert brickwork repair contractors use their skills and knowledge to carefully restore all types of brickwork and stone masonry.

Our bespoke stone masonry and brickwork restoration services in Fulham may include any of the following:

  • Brick Cleaning
  • Brickwork Repair
  • Brickwork Replacement
  • Weather Proofing
  • Brick Tinting

Structural Repairs

Brickpoint London offers reliable structural repair services for modern and classic properties across Fulham. Whether you’re dealing with cracking brickwork or a bowing wall, our structural repairs quickly address the problem to prevent further damage to masonry.

We offer the following structural repairs throughout Fulham:

  • Crack Stitching
  • Wall Tie Replacement
  • Heli Bar Repair
  • Lateral Restraints
  • Concrete Repairs

Masonry Cream Treatment

Brickpoint London provides cost-effective masonry cream treatments for all properties in Fulham. Masonry cream treatments are a simple and effective way to protect brickwork from the rising dampness and costly water damage.

The masonry cream treatment is easy to apply and provides lasting weatherproofing for your brickwork. It also prevents algae and lichen growth on brickwork, which may also cause structural damage when left untreated.