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Brickwork Restoration Services in Epsom and London

Brickpoint London is a leading provider of professional brickwork restoration services in Epsom and London. With over five decades of experience in commercial and domestic brickwork restoration, our team delivers premium workmanship on every project.

Suitable for all modern and period properties, our brickwork restoration service is available throughout Lonon, including Tooting, Richmond, Chelsea, and Fulham. All restoration work is completed to the highest industry standards, leaving your property looking better than ever.

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The Importance of Professional Brickwork Restoration

Brickwork restoration is an important type of property maintenance. Bricks face constant wear from the elements and other environmental factors, resulting in buildups of dirt, grime, and pollutants. The prolonged exposure may also damage brickwork, such as cracked bricks or failing mortar.

These can all cause major long-term problems for commercial and domestic brickwork if left untreated. Brickwork restoration offers an affordable solution to these issues, ensuring lasting protection for bricks while boosting their overall appearance.

Our Brickwork Restoration Process

At Brickpoint London, we use a range of brickwork restoration techniques to target the specific issues of each property. Every property has unique challenges when it comes to restoring brickwork, with the age of the building being one key factor.

London is blessed with countless Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian properties, each requiring a different brickwork restoration process. Similarly, modern properties also have unique restoration requirements, so it’s important to use appropriate solutions for each property.

We begin every service with a detailed inspection of the property to determine the best restoration solution for each property. Depending on your property, we may complete any of the following brickwork restoration processes:

  • Brick Cleaning – Professional brick cleaning that restores the property's appearance by removing unsightly dirt, grime, and stains.
  • Brickwork Repairs – Repairing common damage like cracks and splits that restore durability and integrity to brickwork.
  • Brickwork Replacement – Removal and replacement of damaged brickwork.
  • Brick Pointing and Repointing – Brick pointing and repointing to restore damaged and ageing mortar.
  • Weather Proofing – The application of weatherproofing products that further protect from future damage.
  • Brick Tinting – Brick tinting ensures that restored brickwork matches the appearance of the original materials.

Local Brickwork Restoration Services

Are you looking for reliable brickwork restoration services in London or Surrey? Then Brickpoint London is here to help. With over four generations of experience in traditional and modern brickwork restoration, we guarantee the best quality solutions for cost-effective pricing.

We offer tailormade brick restoration services across London and Surrey, including:

  • Epsom
  • Tooting
  • Richmond
  • Kingston
  • Chelsea
  • Wimbledon
  • Teddington
  • Fulham
  • Putney

Contact us today at 0208 773 0565 for more information or to arrange a no-obligation estimate for our brickwork restoration.