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Professional Heli Bar Repair Services in Epsom and London

Brickpoint London is a brickwork repair contractor and leading provider of Heli bar repair services across London and Surrey. Suitable for classic and contemporary properties, our Heli bar repairs address many minor and major structural issues.

Heli bar repairs are a cheaper alternative to traditional repair processes and a great way to maintain the strength and durability of brickwork and masonry. Our team is experienced in all aspects of Heli bar repair and replacement, providing fast and efficient solutions tailored to your project requirements.

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What is a Heli Bar Repair System?

The Heli bar repair system is a type of masonry reinforcement rod widely used in construction and repair projects throughout the UK. It is an effective and convenient way to reinforce brick, masonry, and concrete structures.

Heli bar systems are made from high-strength steel and have a wide range of applications in construction and repair projects, including:

  • Shear Wall Repairs
  • Column Repairs
  • Foundation Stabilisation
  • Crack Repairs

The helical/spiralling bar system is easy to install. We drill a hole into the masonry or concrete, insert the bars with an epoxy adhesive, and then grout them into place.

Once in place, the axil strains of the steel bars greatly increase the wall's structural integrity. The structure is immediately strengthened and more secure, with the bars preventing surrounding brickwork from moving and causing future damage.

Heli bars reinforce and strengthen both new and existing structures. It’s a long-lasting repair solution, especially compared to traditional brickwork and stone masonry repairs.

Expert Heli Bar Repair and Services in London and Epsom

Are you looking for reliable Heli bar repair solutions in Epsom or London? Brickpoint London is here to help with cost-effective Heli bar repairs for modern and traditional buildings.

Heli bar repairs are a complex process that should only be completed by a qualified brickwork repair contractor. Our team has decades of experience with Heli bar systems and offers dependable repair and replacement solutions throughout London and Epsom.

The helical bars play a vital role in structural integrity, so they should only be installed by a professional. Failure to properly install Helical bars could compromise the entire structural integrity of the building, so never try to install them yourself!

We provide bespoke Heli bar repair and replacement solutions for all repair and construction projects. Our helical bars are available in various shapes and sizes, allowing us to complete repairs on all modern and classic properties.

Local Heli Bar Repairs and Replacement

Brickpoint London is a leading provider of Heli bar repairs and replacements in Surrey and London. We offer cost-effective repair solutions tailored to the specific needs of your project. Our Heli bar repair services are available in the following locations:

  • Epsom
  • Tooting
  • Richmond
  • Kingston
  • Chelsea
  • Wimbledon
  • Teddington
  • Fulham
  • Putney

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