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Professional Brick Cleaning in Epsom and London

Brickpoint London is a trusted provider of brick cleaning services for residential and commercial properties across Epsom and London. Our brick cleaning is tailored to the unique requirements of your property, with solutions available for modern and period buildings.

With over 50 years of experience, our team delivers first-class brick cleaning services for commercial and domestic brickwork. We use industry-leading brick cleaning processes, including Doff cleaner and TORC cleaner solutions, to produce the highest-quality results.

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Signs That Your Property Needs Brick Cleaning

There are various indicators that your property may need professional brick cleaning. Common signs that your home or business needs brick cleaning include:

Dull and Dated Brickwork – A combination of natural ageing and prolonged exposure to the elements causes brickwork to naturally dull over time.

Staining and Pollutants — Over the years, Staining and pollutants accumulate on brickwork, causing unsightly appearances that require professional cleaning to remove.

Graffiti and Vandalism — Unfortunately, graffiti and vandalism are common on commercial and domestic brickwork. These types of stains are almost impossible to remove without professional cleaning.

Of course, your property doesn't need to show signs of dirt and wear to benefit from brick cleaning! It's a popular type of property maintenance that keeps your home or business looking great for years.

You may also want to arrange brick cleaning if you’re trying to sell a property, had recent renovations, or have moved to a new home.

No matter your brick cleaning needs, Brickpoint London is here to help with reliable and affordable cleaning solutions.

Our Brick Cleaning Processes

At Brickpoint London, we develop bespoke brick cleaning solutions tailored to each property's unique requirements. We never limit ourselves to a few brick cleaning processes—we offer custom solutions that target your property's specific needs.

We use various brick cleaning systems to ensure the best results for every property. These include DOFF and TORC machines, which are some of the most advanced cleaning systems on the market.

Our expertise with industry-leading cleaning systems ensures unrivalled workmanship, no matter the size or scale of the project. Depending on your property requirements, we use a combination of any of the following cleaning systems:

Water-Based Cleaning System

Water-based cleaning systems use a combination of hot and cold water to clean external brickwork. The system uses low-pressure water to protect bricks and mortar during cleaning.

Chemical Cleaning System

Chemical brick cleaning is one of the most effective systems available. It uses a blend of cleaning chemicals to remove even the toughest dirt, grime, and stains. The chemicals are always rinsed away in a safe, environmentally conscious manner.

Poultice Cleaning System

Poultice cleaning involves applying a specialist cleaning paste to the brickwork. The paste is then rinsed off with water, removing stains and dirt.