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Why Brick Pointing is to the Structure of Your Building

Brick is designed to last; mortar isn’t. Over the course of time it is not uncommon for the mortar around bricks to experience wear and tear. However, what seems like a natural process can be dangerous to the structure of your building. As damage to the mortar becomes greater with passing time and damage from the elements, you may find that water can leak through the holes in the mortar. In addition to this worsening the damage of the mortar itself, it can also be critical to the structure of the home. A water leak can cause mould, mildew, and water damage that can be very costly fix. This is where Brickpoint comes in. We use brick pointing to repair mortar, without replacement of the entire foundation.

The Brick Pointing Process

The first step that our professionals take is to analyse the mortar. Once we have a match, we can begin the brick pointing process. The mortar should be mixed and then pressed into the problem areas of the existing mortar. Before the mortar begins to dry, it is wiped clean. This results in a smooth, undamaged joint. While this process seems quite simple, it is still best left to professionals in the masonry field.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

There are several reasons that you should choose a professional for brick pointing instead of attempting a do-it-yourself project. First, our team of professionals at Brickpoint has access to technology that can analyse mortar to find its specific type. This is because it allows the existing mortar and the new mortar to be matched perfectly. Our team is also more efficient. While we believe efficiency is key, we do not let it affect our service. Every job that we complete is guaranteed for quality.