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Heli Bar Repairs

Brickpoint London Ltd is proud to offer a comprehensive range of structural maintenance and repair services for all types of modern and period properties. Our experienced team of skilled tradesmen covers all types of brick repairs and Heli Bar repairs, addressing minor and major structural issues with cost-effective solutions.

Heli Bars not only save time, but also bond the brickwork back together to ensure that all future brick cracking and moving is prevented.

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What is a Helifix Heli Bar System?

A Helifix Heli Bar is a specialist helical, stainless steel reinforcing rod which is utilised by inserting into masonry mortar joints which have cracked or have failed. It may also be used to create masonry beams to support vertical or lateral loading.

Applications for Helifix Brick Ties repairs include crack stitching – restoring structural integrity where masonry has cracked and failed, creating expansion joints, and as a new-build masonry reinforcing rod.

These versatile masonry or reinforcement rods have played an important role in major construction and structural repair projects across the UK for more than 30 years. Having been in business for more than 4 generations, nobody knows Heli Bar repairs and replacements better than Brickpoint London.

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How Do You Install Helical Rods?

Helical rods should only ever be installed by a trained professional with plenty of hands-on experience. As the bars installed will contribute directly to the safety and structural integrity of the building, they must be fitted with extreme care and attention.

Each bar is positioned into a slot made in the surface of the wall, typically of a horizontal orientation. The bars are bonded with the masonry using a specialist grout, which provides rock-solid adhesion when set in place. After which, the axial strains of the bars improve the structural soundness of the wall, preventing the surrounding brickwork from moving and becoming damaged.

Helical bars are available in a comprehensive range of shapes and sizes, in order to suit the requirements of most classical and contemporary properties.