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Brickpoint London Ltd: Your Partner in Health and Safety Excellence

At Brickpoint London, we endeavour to place the wellbeing of our team and those we work with at the forefront. As leaders in the brickworking industry, we are fully committed to upholding the highest standards of Health & Safety practices, training, and product quality – our dedication to these principles ensures a safe and secure environment for all CSCS operatives and individuals associated with our projects.

Our Comprehensive Approach To Health and Safety

When you choose a brickworking service from us, you will experience the highest level of Health and Safety practices in the industry. Our dedicated team ensures that every project is executed with the utmost care and adherence to regulations.

Our Comprehensive Approach To Health and Safety

Our comprehensive approach to health and safety in brickworking includes:

We have implemented strict controls that outline guidelines for every employee, self-employed person, and contractor under our supervision. These controls encompass the impact of our work activities on their Health & Safety, while also adhering to all relevant statutory requirements. We leave no stone unturned in creating a safe working environment.

As a testament to our commitment to safety, we maintain full public liability insurance. This ensures that in the unlikely event of any unforeseen incidents, all parties involved are protected.

Our CSCS operatives maintain rigorous control over all health and safety risks associated with our work activities. Through regular assessments and proactive measures, we identify potential hazards and take prompt action to mitigate them effectively. Your well-being is our top priority.

We always ensure the provision of safe plant and equipment, guaranteeing that every tool used on our projects meets the highest safety standards. We leave no room for compromise when it comes to the well-being of our team and those working alongside us.

All our staff and employees are extensively trained in health and safety practices and are first aid trained. This includes comprehensive instruction and supervision, empowering them to carry out their tasks safely and efficiently. Furthermore, we are proud to highlight that all our operatives are First Aid trained, ready to respond swiftly in any unforeseen circumstances.

We believe in equipping our team with the necessary safety equipment and protective clothing. By providing the right gear, we ensure their safety and enable them to perform their duties confidently.

Our workforce receives comprehensive training in the proper use of all substances and chemicals involved in our projects. This knowledge ensures that every operation is conducted in compliance with safety protocols, minimising any potential risks.

We maintain a strong focus on creating safe and healthy working conditions. Our commitment to stringent safety measures extends to every aspect of our operations, providing peace of mind to everyone involved.

We proactively assess potential hazards at every stage of our projects. By identifying and addressing these risks, we take preventive measures to maintain a secure working environment. You can trust us to prioritise your safety at all times.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our work, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and witness our Health & Safety commitment in action. You can call us on 0208 773 0565 or send an e-mail to


Bricks are amongst one of the sturdiest and most durable of building materials. But even it and the mortar which holds it together can be worn down over time because of environmental factors. When the mortar which is holding your brick together begins to recede, crack or fall out of joints, it is time to consider repointing your bricking.

Brickpoint London Ltd is a highly experienced and longest-established brickwork specialist company based in London. For over 4 generations, we’ve been providing homes and businesses across the capital with a wide range of brickwork repair, repointing and renovation services.

Brick repointing is crucial for maintaining structural stability, protecting against weather damage, enhancing aesthetics, increasing longevity, and preserving the historical and cultural significance of brick-built structures. It is a proactive measure that safeguards both the physical and aesthetic integrity of the building, contributing to its long-term sustainability.

Our team provide a variety of Brickwork services in and around the following areas:

CR0 – CR2 – CR3 – CR4 – CR5 – CR6 -CR7 – CR8 – CR9.

GU1 – GU21 – GU22 – GU23 – GU24.

KT1 – KT2 – KT3 – KT4 – KT5 – KT6 – KT7 – KT8 – KT9 – KT10 – KT11 – KT12 – KT13 – KT14 – KT15 KT16 – KT17 – KT18 – KT19 – KT20 – KT21 – KT22 – KT23 – KT24.

RH1 – RH2 – RH3 – RH4 – RH5.

SM1 – SM2 – SM3 – SM4 – SM5 – SM6 – SM7.

SW1A – SW1E – SW1H – SW1P – SW1V – SW1W – SW1X – SW1Y – SW2 – SW3 – SW4 – SW6 – SW7 – SW8 – SW9 – SW10 – SW11 – SW12 – SW13 – SW14 – SW15 – SW16 – SW17 – SW18 – SW19 – SW20.

TW1 – TW2 – TW3 – TW4 – TW7 – TW8 – TW9 – TW10 – TW11 – TW12 – TW13 – TW14 – TW15 – TW16 – TW17 TW18 – TW19 – TW20

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