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Get Quality Brick Pointing London Services From Brickpoint London Ltd.

London, like the rest of England, is known for its beautiful brick buildings that feature elaborate brickwork, which makes the urban landscape come alive. Brickpoint offers quality brick pointing London services to enable homeowners, landlords, construction companies, property developers, local authorities and national bodies to add value to their properties and generally enhance their buildings structurally and aesthetically. Based in Surrey, London, the company covers all surrounding areas, including Hampshire, Berkshire, Guildford, Essex, Sussex, London and Kent.

Why Use Brick Brickpoint’s Brick Pointing Services

Pointing, or repointing, is the process of replacing loose mortar that might be starting to fall off the wall of a brick building. While bricks and stones can last centuries, mortar can only last a few decades. So, over time, the mortar tends to deteriorate to the point of being very bad, compromising mortar joints. Weak or bad mortar joints can hurt your building’s overall structural integrity or even allow water and other foreign materials in. If you are based in Surrey, or any other part of London, and your mortar has started cracking, receding and falling out of the joints, then it’s time to call a brick pointing Surrey contractor immediately.

Enjoy a Professional Brick Pointing Experience with Brickpoint London Ltd.

Mortar plays an important role in holding bricks together. If the mortar has started to crack, recede and fall out of the joints, it’s absolutely essential to find a professional with qualifications and experience to access the brickwork and carry out the necessary repointing and renovations. Removing the mortar from between the brickwork and replacing with new mortar requires a high level of skill to ensure it’s neat and has an attractive look. Improperly repaired brickwork can be unsafe, even short-lived. Conversely, the correct repointing can extend the life of the wall and individual stones and enhance the overall aesthetics of your property.

Brickpoint is the leading brick pointing London specialist providing repointing and all forms of restoration repair, from brick cleaning to stone repairs. With more than 40 years of experience in brickwork repointing and restoration, this family-run company offers professional repointing services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout London. It can easily cover all of your renovation requirements with its advanced equipment, materials and skilled team. The company employs highly skilled Brick pointing Surrey technicians, who are knowledgeable in all aspects of repointing, including brick repointing, house pointing, wall pointing, brick repairs, sand blasting, roof and chimney pointing and stone cleaning. The company’s teams of brick pointing Surrey technicians are able to undertake the repointing process professionally, ensuring that your brickwork doesn’t run the risk of failure and lasts a lifetime.