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Don’t Delay Brick Joint Repairs

Brickpoint is London’s biggest brick pointing and brick repointing contractor. Having been in the business for over fifty years, they have always adopted technological upgrades and provide a professional and modern service to all clients. They have gained immense credibility in London as a family-run company dedicated to customer satisfaction and long-term relationships with all their clients.

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

As any building grows older, it faces an inevitable problem. Bricks have a much higher life expectancy compared to mortar. This means that the original brick pointing work will eventually require repair. If not done on time, it can lead to water penetration in the walls, which, in turn, can cause more serious problems. So if you are in two minds about repairing your brick joints, remember not to delay the process for too long. Otherwise, your investments will rise in the near future.

Why Brickpoint?

All their staff members are dedicated to your satisfaction and the health of your building. They are very friendly in nature and ready to talk through each step of the process with you. They are trained to first understand all your requirements thoroughly and then present to you the most cost-effective and high quality solution possible.

The company’s all Brick repointing work is fully guaranteed and insured, something many other companies are afraid to offer.

A Responsible Choice

This London-based company ensures that all their workers follow safety and security instructions and guidelines at all times. The chemicals they use are 100% safe. The workers are also trained to be aware of their surroundings at all times and to not commit any errors while on the job.

Such rigorous standards ensure not only a highly professional job, but also peace of mind for their customers, leaving them satisfied and happy each time.