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What is Brick Pointing?

Brick pointing is the process of creating a “finish” between the stones or bricks. If you notice carefully, many brick structures have significant spaces between them. Over time, your house may require repointing in order to strengthen the brickwork. Depending upon the age of your house, the mortar that is primarily used to hold the bricks together will be made commonly from lime. However, cement has become more popular nowadays.

If your house requires pointing work, it is important that you hire a professional brick pointing service. That’s because an improper point job can cause irreparable damage to aged houses or buildings. As the mortar weakens the joints in the bricks, the strength of the walls may also be depleted significantly.

Why Choose BrickPoint?

Brick Point is one of the most experienced brick pointing in London. We offer a plethora of different services, ranging from repairs and cleaning as well as complete repointing. It is one of the largest companies in London and has been working in the brickwork industry for over four generations. Most people are on the edge about hiring a brick pointer. However, all of the work that we do is completely insured and guaranteed.

What We Bring to the Table

Brick Point has been working in the brick industry for a long time. Over the years, we have built a name for ourselves. If you are confused about whether your house needs brick pointing or not, all you have to do is give us a call. We offer free estimates and advice to potential customers and are willing to discuss your building’s current needs at length. We also make sure that all of our prices are in line with the current market rates, so you will only pay us for the work that we do.

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What is the Purpose of Repointing Brick in London?

Brick is a timeless and classic way to enhance the elegance of a home. Over time, while the bricks may be in decent shape, the mortar in between them becomes dirty, dingy, and cracked. When this happens it becomes possible for moisture to get in behind the bricks, causing structural damage. With the significant amount of rainfall we receive annually, brick repointing in London can save your home from irreparable damage further down the road.

Why Repointing Is Important

The process of removing deteriorating mortar from joints and replacing it is known as repointing, and it is perhaps the most significant factor in maintaining your wall’s “health.” Brickpoint correctly performs the brick repointing process in London to assist in stabilizing walls, waterproofing, extending the life of the wall, and enhancing its visual quality. When done by less experienced mason workers, physical damage to brick and stone can occur, along with allowing water to become trapped inside with no way to evaporate.

How to Determine if Brick Needs to Be Repointed

Mortar joints are the first line of defence a wall has, and there are obvious signs when problems are imminent. Look for signs such as loose bricks, mortar which is crumbly, weak, missing, loose, or cracked, and you get water leaks from unusual areas not in close proximity to pipes. If you notice any of these tell-tale signs on your brick walls, give us a ring immediately. We will fix the mortar before there is any further damage to the wall or the structure.
Proper techniques when repointing will ensure that a long life of the wall and the joint is guaranteed. Our friendly and expert craftsmen do brick repointing in London that is meant to last. When done properly, an excellent job can reasonably be expected to endure between fifty and one hundred years.

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How to Choose a Brick Repair Company

If you need brick repairs or brick pointing London services, it is important that you choose the right company for the job, such as Brickpoint London LTD. You want a company that will come in and get everything done right the first time so that you can move on to other tasks. There are several things to consider that will help to ensure that the company that you choose works out perfectly.

Talk to Friends and Neighbours

If you have friends and neighbours with brick homes, ask them about the company that they use to maintain their brick elements. Brick pointing London is a popular service because many homes have brick elements. This will give you a starting point for finding the best companies and contractors for the job. Ideally, you want to make an initial list of three to five that you will consider to work on your brick.

Head to the Internet

You can easily search for brickwork contractors in your area on the Internet. You can also find reviews for them so that you can get an idea about the quality of their work. Just remember that you should take reviews with a grain of salt because it is difficult to determine if all reviews are completely honest since you do not know the people who wrote them. Simply use them as a guide when you are looking for a contractor to use.

Get an Estimate

Once you have your list of three to five brickwork contractors, get an estimate so that you are able to compare prices. Get information about brick repairs and other services. Make sure that you are very clear on everything the estimate covers and ask the contractor about how accurate the estimate is. This is important because some companies put a lot more effort into creating an accurate estimate than others.

Look at the Company’s Experience

You want to learn about the experience that the company has with brick repairs. For example, if you need specific brick repairs done, you want to make sure that the company is up to the task. You can usually find this information on the company’s website.

Make sure to fully evaluate each company and stick to those with plenty of experience, such as BrickPoint London LTD. This will save you time and hassle because you know that all of the work will be done with the highest level of quality. This also saves you money since you will not have to have someone else come out to correct any mistakes.

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Brick Repointing – The Best Project to Spruce Up Your Home for Sale

Are you looking to selling off your London house or cottage? Perhaps you want to rent out your apartments. Nonetheless, the current look of your building may not be attractive enough to generate a considerable amount of income in your pocket. So you need to do something about it.

Benefits of Brick Repointing

Brick repointing is one of multiple brickwork projects that not only help to improve the quality of your house but it also improves your home’s appearance. Consider a time when you want to rent your house or fully sell it. Most buyers and tenants will be attracted to a rental property with respect to the aesthetic value of the property. This is primarily based on the general look of the building.

In fact, nearly all occupants will consider the outward manifestation of the residence as compared to the interior as far as payments for the accommodation are concerned. This is because the outer shell always serves as an image of the interior. Thus, pointing brick will improve the value of your dwelling. Consequently, it will allow you to get more cash , which will enable you to invest in a profitable venture.

Pointing brick and repointing also increase your home’s aesthetic value. Brickwork takes a beating from the elements, and there will be mortar deterioration after a couple of years. Gaps will even appear in the mortar. Often, this is caused by decaying of the materials used in construction, as well as weathering of the bricks. In the long run, the gaps will allow water in your house. Similarly, weathering will continue to occur, leading to total damage of your home. So brick repointing becomes the perfect remedy

For whatever reason you have to repoint brick, give priority to professionals from a recognised organization, such as BtickPoint Company Ltd. This company has experts that can attend to you in London and Surrey.

Why Should You Invest in Professionals?

First, experts have the knowledge and experience to blend and design unique mortar to ensure that it matches with the texture of your home’s former texture.

Brick repointing experts will repoint your property while focusing on the elementary performance characteristics of bricks and structures. Such properties include permeability and space for expansion and contraction.

BrickPoint Company Ltd. offers professionals with the capacity to perform quality work. Remember, poor repointing will subject you to more harm and greater losses. By hiring BrickPoint, which is the largest pointing company in London, you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality work that’s not only cost-effective, but also fully guaranteed and insured.

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Quality Brick Repointing Work Can Totally Transform and Rejuvenate Your Property

Are you looking to increase your London home’s curb appeal? Or have you noticed signs of deterioration in your brickwork? If yes, then you should contact BrickPoint Company LTD, as it definitely has a solution for your worn brick walls.

Get Quality Brick Repairs and Brick Restoration Services From BrickPoint

BrickPoint is London’s leading brickwork repointing, repairs, restoration and cleaning contractor. This company can help rejuvenate your brickwork, giving it a totally new and unique look that will grant you the satisfaction that you hope to achieve with your property. Brick repairs and brick restoration are part of the brickwork services offered by BrickPoint for your old house so it can appear new and modern. What is more, with these services, you are likely to convince anyone that your house or rental property is well-maintained and well cared for. This means your property will be more lucrative after the repairs.

Services Offered by Brick-Point Company Limited

BrickPoint Company Ltd. offers a variety of brick services, including brick repairs. Under repairs, restoration experts from the company can repoint your brickwork to reinvigorate the look of your out-dated bricks. This is typically done to your entire house. Pointing and repointing your walls will in no doubt clear all gaps on your brickwork mortar and, as a result, your home will be more comfortable given the assurance that you will be bidding leakages goodbye. While repairing the bricks, these professionals will also repair your fractured brickwork using resins.

The company’s experts will treat your walls with high quality chemicals that will not affect your skin and general health. The work the company performs will transform the look of your property and enhance its value.

At BrickPoint, your bricks will be cleaned in the course of repair and restoration. Cleaning your bricks will not improve their value. Nonetheless, it will make your house appear clean from the outer surface. You need to compare a muddy and dusty wall against the sparkling clean one in order for you to appreciate this service.

At BrickPoint, your building can be “rebuilt” when necessary with the process of repairing and restoring your bricks. These are trained and qualified contractors who are determined to provide superb work rather than providing an abysmal service to earn quick money.

It is evident that brick repairs and brick restoration is more valuable than anyone can imagine. Nevertheless, you should always allow experts to handle your building. Unqualified contractors can only ruin your house and create unnecessary expenses.

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The Job of Bricklaying

When it comes to bricklaying, one must know exactly what he is doing in order to get the job done right. This is why doing it yourself is not a good idea unless you are an expert. If you are not a bricklayer by trade, it is best to hire professional brick pointing contractors.

If you are in the United Kingdom and need brick repointing London services, Pointing Brickwork Ltd. has what you need. This is also a great company for brick repairs Surrey services.

The Importance of Brick Repointing

Brick repointing contractors know just how important this job is and are highly skilled at what they do. Brick repointing London companies are especially familiar with the importance of this job as so many structures are made of brick. Also, the many historic buildings in the London area are always in need of brick repairs Surrey companies, and these companies are also experts in this area as well. Repointing is a process that renews the points of bricks – the points being the outer part of the mortar joints.

Why is it necessary to have professionals do brick repointing London services? Experts tell us that the joints that are in between the bricks suffer from damage, typically caused by weathering damage from rain and humidity. By doing a job of repointing, the bricks, and therefore the building, can be saved for future generations to enjoy.

Contractors in London

If you live in the London area, Pointing Brickwork Ltd. offers a wide range of services to help keep your bricks looking good and lasting a long time. Some of the services provided include brick pointing, brick repointing and brick repairs. Even if your brickwork is in good shape, if it looks like it is in bad shape it is still a problem. Brick is one of the most beautiful materials used in erecting any structure, and to keep your bricks looking beautiful, you are best served by calling in the professionals.

Other services that this London-based company offers are brick cleaning and brick restoring. Both of these things help keep bricks looking like new. The cost of doing so will vary, depending on how large the structure is, how much cleaning is necessary and how extensive any of the necessary repairs are. However, by visiting the website for Pointing Brickwork Ltd. you will get a better idea of the cost of your job.

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Brickpoint London – Repairs and Repointing

When it comes to brick repair and repointing, not just any company will do. Finding a company with quality service, a great price and the experience to back this all up is often not an easy task. In order to accomplish this, consumers should look for a company that offers everything at a competitive price and with a service guarantee. With four generations of experience in brickwork, Brickpoint London offers customers the very best service on the market today.

Beyond just basic brick repairs work, a company must also offer brick pointing contractors for the complete work. Additionally, a great service provider will also offer a cleaning and restoration service to keep your bricks looking as new and attractive as possible. For those unwilling to settle for the second best brick repointing London has to offer, or the best brick repairs Surrey service available, consider Brickpoint London.


Your average bloke can repair basic household troubles, but to work on brick requires special knowledge and experience. Unlike certain other building materials, there is no simple patch work that can be applied to make bricks more secure. Having a company with more than 50 years of experience in brick repairs, Brickpoint London is the clear choice if you are in its service area. Serving clients throughout London and the Surrey area, the company is so confident in its service, that it offers a full guarantee.

Of course, all of their work is insured as well, so any potential issues that could arise are covered. With this level of confidence in the work, it makes sense that the professionals of Brickpoint London offer the best repairs on the market today. In addition to repair work, these same professionals can also provide top quality repointing services.


Beyond the normal wear and tear of bricks, the mortar used to build with bricks is damaged over time. The process of repairing this damage is known as repointing, or sometimes simply pointing. Brick pointing contractors are not always easy to find, especially ones with the level of experience offered by Brickpoint London. With testimonials supporting its work and a vast history of success, Brickpoint makes this job look easy.

This is why the experts know that only the best brick repointing London service will do, and Brickpoint provides that best service. Simply put, there is no other brick repairs Surrey or London service that compares.

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Brickwork Repointing, Repairs and Cleaning Services in London

Brickwork is one of the most popular, durable and versatile building materials. However, as with all exterior surfaces, exposure to the elements such as rain, snow, salt spray, heat, dirt, sand and dust can cause the deterioration of the material over time. Deteriorating brickwork is a fairly common problem, especially in old London properties, and it can lead to irreversible structural damage to walls and property. To this end, proper care, maintenance and the occasional repair are essential to maintain the physical appearance and integrity of a building’s brickwork. Brickpoint Ltd, a leading pointing London contractor, provides a full range of brickwork maintenance services to enable homeowners, businesses, letting agents, landlords, building contractors and local authorities to enhance their buildings structurally and aesthetically, thereby adding value to their properties. These include:

Pointing and Repointing

Repointing, or pointing, is the process of removing deteriorated and/or distressed mortar from joints between bricks and installing new mortar into the joints. Bricks and stones can last centuries, but mortar lasts only for decades. Therefore, brick repointing London services may be needed multiple times over the life of most exterior brickwork and masonry work.

Repointing is one of the basic brick repairs London processes, and is primarily carried out to reduce weathering effects on masonry work. It increases the brickwork’s weather resistance by dramatically reducing the amount of water that penetrates the brickwork, increasing its longevity and strengthening other components of the structure, which could weaken due to water infiltration through the mortar joints.

Proper brick pointing can last up to 30 years, but, improper pointing will do little to extend the life of the brick or stone structure and may even cause permanent damage to masonry units. Thus, brick repointing London projects should be left to the professional to ensure that the work is done promptly, tidily and competently. Brickpoint Ltd offers friendly, professional, reliable and affordable brick pointing service for all types of structures in London.

Brick Repairs London Services

Masonry units and brick structures are typically durable, easy to maintain and long lasting. Nonetheless, repair work may be necessary due to weathering effects, water leakage, weak foundations, damp ground, pollution and general negligence. Undertaking brick repairs to rectify the cause of the damage, along with the existing damage itself, then becomes necessary to prevent further damage. In addition to brick pointing London services, Brickpoint Ltd offers quality brick repairs to all forms of brickwork and stonework in London.

Brick Restoration

Masonry and brick restoration work is usually carried out on both modern and historical structures. The need for restoration arises from various reasons, from poor workmanship and negligence to weather ravages and seismic movements. While the need for brick restoration is often visually evident, it’s important to consult with a brick repairs London contractor or a brick pointing company about the extent of damage, its root cause and the right solution to deal with it. Brickpoint Ltd offers quality brick restoration services to private homes, businesses and institutions.

Brick Cleaning

Brick cleaning can greatly enhance the longevity of brickwork as well as its natural beauty. It removes algae, mildew, fungus, lichen, moss and other substances that could cause permanent damage, discoloration or staining. Making brick cleaning part of your regular maintenance plan will provide you with many years of satisfaction. Brickpoint Ltd employs experts in the field of brick cleaning and maintenance, and can thoroughly remove the dirt and stains that have been deposited on your brickwork to keep it in top shape.

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Brickpoint – Repairs, Repointing And Cleaning Contractor in London

Brickpoint is the most well established and largest brick pointing and repointing company of London. The company is a family run business with more than 50 years of experience in brick repointing and repairs. Brickpoint can easily cover all renovation requirements of your building and uses high-quality materials and the latest equipment and techniques to get you the desired results.

Services Offered By Brickpoint

Brickpoint offers a wide range of services, including brick pointing Surrey services in both new and old work, shot blasting and surface treatments, cleanings, repairs, and shot blasting. The company’s building services include conversions, brick cleaning, brick repairs, alternations, renovations, foundations, chimneys, building repairs, stonework, extensions, heli bar repairs, wall building, and storm damage. The company serves homeowners, property developers, landlords, local authorities, construction companies and national bodies.

Why Point and Repoint?

Excessive gaps can occur over time due to decay and weathering, which look undesirable and also allow seepage of water. This water, through constant thawing/freezing and salt disposition may cause long-term damage to the building. DIY repointing can be more harmful than good. In fact, it won’t look nice and can also raise the level of mortar joints above the face of the masonry, which may cause mortar edges to feather. This would also degrade the bricks. A professional brick pointing London company is the answer!

Brick Cleaning and Restoration

Whether you want to boost the looks of your property or want to add value to it ahead of resale or rental, brick cleaning is an inexpensive and quick solution. Brickpoint has the expertise to remove stains and dirt that may have deposited on your brickwork without damaging the bricks. The technicians from the company use specially formulated brick cleaners and use a proven process for the job.

A brick pointing London service also provides brick restoration services. Brickpoint will send a team that will remove built up dirt and weathering to make your brick as good as a new. Bricks are cleaned with specially formulated industrial strength solution that doesn’t damage your bricks at all.

The company can also cut out the deteriorated brickwork and replace it with new bricks using hi-tech masonry tools. Their equipment allows their workers to precision-cut deep into the brickwork without disturbing the surrounding mortar and structure. Aside from brick pointing Surrey services, repointing job is also taken care of by highly skilled team. The highly affordable and fast brickwork services help in extending the life of your bricks.

All the work of Brickpoint is fully insured and guaranteed. You can seek a no-obligation quote from the company after discussing your needs. In fact, the company would be happy to provide references of its happy customers.

All workmanship from Brickpoint will last for years to come. Whether you’re interested in brick repointing for the entire building or just for your chimney stack, the company would be eager to handle it with precision!

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What You Should know Before Re-pointing Brickwork Structures

Brick pointing has over the years been used to restore or repair joints of brickwork in buildings and other structures with cement or mortar. This is usually done to help maintain the originality of the brick masonry done on the building. Before pointing mortar on any structure or doing any kind of re-pointing repairs, it is important to understand problems that cause brickwork to deteriorate, how to identify and address underlying causes and the different types of pointing.

The most common problems that cause masonry or brickwork to deteriorate are damaged gutters and drain pipes, leaking plumbing and moisture damage from leaking roofs. Poor workmanship during the mixing of mortar and installation of brickwork can also cause problems. This often leads to the need for frequent restorations such as chimney pointing services from experts.

It is crucial to identify possible degrading of mortar or joinery before any brick pointing is done. This helps determine if the damage can be repaired or not. If the mortar has completely degraded, rebuilding of the entire section or structure may be required. Amount of restoration to be done is often determined by the degree to which the damage or degrading has penetrated.

Retaining brick wall structures or other restoration work can be done using different pointing techniques and styles. Flush pointing is a common finish used widely for restoring brickwork. Other types include struck and cut, weather struck, rounded, bucket, tucked and recessed pointing. Though this work may seem simple, it is tedious and highly technical. This is why hiring a professional brick pointing company is recommended.

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