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What Is Brick Repointing?

We at Pointing Brickwork Brickpoint in London handle a number of brick-related issues, but one of the most common we handle is brick repointing. Many of those who have bricking in their home – whether their home is entirely made of brick or they have a feature made of brick, such as a fireplace – do not realise is that this sturdy material can be repaired and replaced in a budget-friendly way.

Why Consider Brick Repointing?

Brick repointing brings with it a number of benefits, including: Conserving Older Buildings: Heritage homes and landmarks can be preserved and restored through the repointing of brick Image: For homes and commercial organisations, repointing can greatly enhance the aesthetic value of your building Property Value: The better your curb appeal, the higher your property value will be. Restoring and repairing the brick in your home or building delivers that attractive appearance and changes your home from appearing old and run down to refreshed and modern.

Why Would I Need to Repoint My Bricking?

Bricks are amongst one of the sturdiest and most durable of building materials. But even it and the mortar which holds it together can be worn down over time because of environmental factors. When the mortar which is holding your brick together begins to recede, crack or fall out of joints, it is time to consider repointing your bricking.

Why Homeowners Should Consider Hiring a Professional

Brick repointing may seem easy to do when you watch the pros at Pointing Brickwork Brickpoint do the job. The truth is that every repointing job must be performed with the utmost caution and care. This means using the right tools and the right materials in the right circumstances in order to avoid damaging the brick or even permanently compromising the appearance and integrity of the structure.

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Keep Your Brick Building Structurally Sound – Utilise Brick Repointing Services

Here, at Brickpoint London, Ltd., our brick restorative services are centered on brick repointing or masonry services that improve a building’s value and looks. Restoring bricks by repointing them fills in gaps where water can seep into a structure and adds to the aesthetics of a building’s wall or facade. Therefore, many of our clients either retain our masonry services to upgrade a building’s looks, or to make sure that the building stays structurally sound and leak-free.

Why Repointing Is Necessary

The process of brick repointing involves repointing the exterior part of mortar joints on a brick building or wall. Over time, decay and the weathering process ultimately cause voids to form within the joints of the brick. As a result, the openings permit the entrance of water. Any water that enters the opening can cause a great amount of damage due to the salt dissolution and deposition that takes place as a result of weathering.

We Know Everything There Is to Know About Repointing Bricks

Our company is fully knowledgeable when it comes to brick repointing or restoring bricks. Therefore, there is no reason to consider another masonry specialist. We have over four decades of experience and are well-versed in designing new units of motor, each of which we match with the current colours and textures of the original brickwork. Extreme care is used in pointing bricks, with the mortar permitted to cure over a 24-hour or longer period.

Sealing the Bond

Generally, when it comes to brick repointing, mortar that is sound usually needs no removal although new mortar is often added anyway. Again, the new brickwork is made to match the texture of the existing mortar to avoid any visual discrepancies when viewing the bricks. Depths over 2.5” are generally filled in several passes with the joint profile angled to allow the new pointing mortar to bond with the brick.

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Learning About the Services a Brick Pointing Contractor Provides

Brick homes are built to last and they tend to look good for decades. However, it is important that you take the time to properly maintain the brickwork on your home so that it lasts as long as possible. There are several services that you can obtain from a brick pointing contractor that will help you to maintain the integrity and beauty of your home.

Brick Pointing Services

Brick pointing involves using cement or mortar to repair brickwork joints. This ensures that the brickwork is seamless where the bricks joint together. Wear and tear can interfere with the integrity of the joints and you want to fix this quickly so that you do not start to lose bricks. When you have this service done and keep your bricks in great shape, you can expect them to last over 100 years. This is because the maintenance will help the bricks to be resistant to water penetration and it stops water from getting in.

Brick Repointing Services

When you repoint a brick wall, you are stopping moisture from seeping in and getting behind the bricks, and this is where brick repointing comes in. This helps to essentially moisture-proof your bricks so that moisture is not able to cause any lasting damage. If water is able to get in and sit behind the bricks, significant damage can occur as a result of salt deposition and dissolution and frost weathering. Regularly repointing bricks will ensure that they maintain their integrity.

Brick Repair and Cleaning Services

Keeping your bricks clean and in good shape will save you money in the long run because they will last longer. Ideally, you should have your brick cleaned about once per year to keep it clean, and Brickpoint London LTD can give you a cleaning schedule. If there are issues with your brick, you can look into restoration to fix any nagging problems and to reinforce the strength and resilience of the bricks on your home or fence. This will also allow for the necessary repairs as well to prevent problems, such as water-related damage, in the future.

Maintaining the brick elements of your home and property will ensure that they last and always look great. You want to use a reputable company to get the job done so that you can be sure it will be done right and at an affordable price. Companies like Brickpoint London LTD will ensure that you are fully satisfied with the service.

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Brickpoint London – Repairs and Repointing

When it comes to brick repair and repointing, not just any company will do. Finding a company with quality service, a great price and the experience to back this all up is often not an easy task. In order to accomplish this, consumers should look for a company that offers everything at a competitive price and with a service guarantee. With four generations of experience in brickwork, Brickpoint London offers customers the very best service on the market today.

Beyond just basic brick repairs work, a company must also offer brick pointing contractors for the complete work. Additionally, a great service provider will also offer a cleaning and restoration service to keep your bricks looking as new and attractive as possible. For those unwilling to settle for the second best brick repointing London has to offer, or the best brick repairs Surrey service available, consider Brickpoint London.


Your average bloke can repair basic household troubles, but to work on brick requires special knowledge and experience. Unlike certain other building materials, there is no simple patch work that can be applied to make bricks more secure. Having a company with more than 50 years of experience in brick repairs, Brickpoint London is the clear choice if you are in its service area. Serving clients throughout London and the Surrey area, the company is so confident in its service, that it offers a full guarantee.

Of course, all of their work is insured as well, so any potential issues that could arise are covered. With this level of confidence in the work, it makes sense that the professionals of Brickpoint London offer the best repairs on the market today. In addition to repair work, these same professionals can also provide top quality repointing services.


Beyond the normal wear and tear of bricks, the mortar used to build with bricks is damaged over time. The process of repairing this damage is known as repointing, or sometimes simply pointing. Brick pointing contractors are not always easy to find, especially ones with the level of experience offered by Brickpoint London. With testimonials supporting its work and a vast history of success, Brickpoint makes this job look easy.

This is why the experts know that only the best brick repointing London service will do, and Brickpoint provides that best service. Simply put, there is no other brick repairs Surrey or London service that compares.

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Get Quality Brick Pointing London Services From Brickpoint London Ltd.

London, like the rest of England, is known for its beautiful brick buildings that feature elaborate brickwork, which makes the urban landscape come alive. Brickpoint offers quality brick pointing London services to enable homeowners, landlords, construction companies, property developers, local authorities and national bodies to add value to their properties and generally enhance their buildings structurally and aesthetically. Based in Surrey, London, the company covers all surrounding areas, including Hampshire, Berkshire, Guildford, Essex, Sussex, London and Kent.

Why Use Brick Brickpoint’s Brick Pointing Services

Pointing, or repointing, is the process of replacing loose mortar that might be starting to fall off the wall of a brick building. While bricks and stones can last centuries, mortar can only last a few decades. So, over time, the mortar tends to deteriorate to the point of being very bad, compromising mortar joints. Weak or bad mortar joints can hurt your building’s overall structural integrity or even allow water and other foreign materials in. If you are based in Surrey, or any other part of London, and your mortar has started cracking, receding and falling out of the joints, then it’s time to call a brick pointing Surrey contractor immediately.

Enjoy a Professional Brick Pointing Experience with Brickpoint London Ltd.

Mortar plays an important role in holding bricks together. If the mortar has started to crack, recede and fall out of the joints, it’s absolutely essential to find a professional with qualifications and experience to access the brickwork and carry out the necessary repointing and renovations. Removing the mortar from between the brickwork and replacing with new mortar requires a high level of skill to ensure it’s neat and has an attractive look. Improperly repaired brickwork can be unsafe, even short-lived. Conversely, the correct repointing can extend the life of the wall and individual stones and enhance the overall aesthetics of your property.

Brickpoint is the leading brick pointing London specialist providing repointing and all forms of restoration repair, from brick cleaning to stone repairs. With more than 40 years of experience in brickwork repointing and restoration, this family-run company offers professional repointing services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout London. It can easily cover all of your renovation requirements with its advanced equipment, materials and skilled team. The company employs highly skilled Brick pointing Surrey technicians, who are knowledgeable in all aspects of repointing, including brick repointing, house pointing, wall pointing, brick repairs, sand blasting, roof and chimney pointing and stone cleaning. The company’s teams of brick pointing Surrey technicians are able to undertake the repointing process professionally, ensuring that your brickwork doesn’t run the risk of failure and lasts a lifetime.

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Beautify Exterior walls of your Home with ‘Brickpoint London Ltd’

People make use of a number of things to decorate their home. Apart from interior, they also try to beautify their exterior look beautiful as well. They use colorful paints, bricks and various other things. Simultaneously, it is important to maintain the outer wall of the home. If you are also thinking about taking advantage of this service, then 'Brickpoint London Ltd' is the perfect place for you. We are the one and only most reliable company that specializes in providing repointing brickwork, Pointing brickwork repairs and various others. We have been serving people from last 40 years and have earned a reputation and popularity among them. We offer a wide range of brick related services that include Repointing mortar, pointing, surface treatments, restoration, general building services, cleaning, Heli bar repairs, brickwork & resin repairs with several others. We are also known as brickwork contractor in London and Surrey region and serve nearby region as well. All the services offered by us are of very low cost that you can easily afford. We only make use of top quality materials in all the processes so give best out of it. Our team of professionals works with their experience and knowledge to provide our customers a 100% satisfaction to them. If you are looking for Retaining brick wall services, then we are the one stop destination for you to take advantage of our services. Go through our online portal at www.howyouwilllook.com to know more about our company's background and services offered by us. Contact us to clear your doubts and for hiring purposes.

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Brickpoint a trustable name in the field of mortar services

Brickpoint Ltd is that the one-stop-shop for all of your repointing mortar inform necessities. Brickpoint is London’s largest brick inform company and one in all the most effective established – we’ve got fifty years’ expertise in informing and masonry repairs. We have a tendency to square measure a family-run firm, with all the pride within the company and therefore the quality of the work that such a history suggests.

Our friendly and skilled workers square measure all consultants within the field and can be happy to speak through your necessities to search out the most effective and most efficient solutions for you. All our work is absolutely secure and insured. Nowadays for a no-commitment chat regarding your needs but we offer free estimates and references from happy customers all on the market.

Our services include: Pointing brick wall in form in recent and new work;
Masonry repairs Brick Stone cleaning Organic compound repairs Surface treatments Whether or not you would like brick inform for a pointing chimney stack or a complete house, all works are absolutely secured. Company is that the art of repairing the joints of masonry with mortar or cement, that is crucial over time to take care of the structure of brick masonry, to forestall water penetration and improve resistance to water penetration. If you want to know more about our services then you are most welcome at our website : www.howyouwilllook.com/, here you got our working processor.

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