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Putney High Street Brickwork Project

At Brickpoint London, we are experts in the brick pointing industry. This project in Putney High Street involved the removal of pebbledash, extensive brick replacements, the construction of new arches, the rebuilding of the top gable, and thorough cleaning and repointing of the entire structure. The objective was to restore the building's original charm, enhance its visual appeal, and ensure its structural integrity.

Putney High Street Brickwork Project Putney High Street Brickwork Project

Pebbledash Removal:

The initial step of the renovation project involved the careful removal of the pebbledash coating from the building's facade. Pebbledash is a textured finish often applied to external walls, which can become worn, discoloured, and outdated over time. The removal process required expertise to avoid damage to the underlying brickwork.

Brick Replacement and Cleaning:

Over 3,000 damaged or deteriorated bricks were identified and replaced to ensure structural stability. The replacement bricks were carefully sourced to match the original ones in terms of size, colour, and texture, maintaining the building's aesthetic integrity. After the brick replacements, the entire brickwork was meticulously cleaned to remove dirt, grime, and pollutants, revealing the natural beauty of the bricks.

Construction of New Arches:

As part of the renovation, our team at Brickpoint London constructed new arches to enhance the architectural character of the building. The design of the arches was tailored to align with the existing architectural elements while incorporating modern construction techniques and materials. The new arches added a touch of elegance and provided structural support to the building.

Top Gable Rebuilding:

The top gable, a prominent feature of the building, was rebuilt to restore its original grandeur. Careful attention was paid to replicate the original design and detailing of the gable, ensuring consistency with the building's overall style. The rebuilding process involved skilled craftsmanship and the use of durable materials to ensure longevity.

Cleaning and Repointing:

To complete the renovation, Brickpoint London conducted a thorough cleaning and repointing of the entire building. The cleaning process involved the removal of dirt, algae, and other pollutants from the brickwork, bringing back the building's vibrant appearance. Additionally, the repointing of mortar joints was carried out to reinforce the structural stability and prevent water penetration.

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Overall, the project was a great success! With the scaffolding now off, you can see all the hard work the team did come together. The project not only preserved the building's historical character but also contributed to the overall enhancement of Putney High Street.

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