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Building a Backlisted Wall at RAC Club in Epsom

Our team at Brickpoint London was contracted to carry out the restoration and preservation of the RAC Club's backlisted wall. The project aimed to ensure structural stability and aesthetic appeal.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, our team was more than capable of the job.

RAC Club, Epsom

The RAC Club, located in Epsom, is a prestigious and historically significant building that serves as a private members' club. The backlisted wall, a key architectural feature, had deteriorated over time and required immediate attention. Brickpoint London was selected for its expertise in brickwork and its commitment to preserving historical structures.

Building a Backlisted Wall at RAC Club in Epsom Building a Backlisted Wall at RAC Club in Epsom

Project Scope and Objectives

The main objectives of the project were as follows:

a) Restore the structural integrity of the backlisted wall.

b) Preserve the historical character and aesthetics of the wall.

c) Ensure compliance with heritage regulations and conservation guidelines.

d) Enhance the durability and longevity of the wall.

e) Minimise disruption to the operations of the RAC Club during construction.

Brickpoint London’s Brickwork Services

If you like the look of this project, why not choose us for your brickwork needs? We specialise in a variety of services, including:

Brick Pointing: Our experienced team provide a range of pointing services across London and Surrey, specialising in classical and contemporary properties.

Mortar Repair: Our team have a plethora of experience in mortar repair services for residential and commercial buildings.

Brick Cleaning: Brickpoint London adopt the most advanced brick cleaning techniques to bring a new life into your exterior walls of all shapes, sizes and configurations

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The restoration of the backlisted wall at the RAC Club in Epsom stands as a testament to our expertise in handling historic and listed buildings. The team’s dedication to quality and attention to detail exemplify our commitment to preserving architectural heritage.

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