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Brickwork Contractors London

Looking for a trusted team of brickwork contractors in London? Look no further than Brickpoint London Ltd – the region’s most experienced and capable team in brickwork repair and restoration.

From simple routine maintenance to a full restoration, we provide a comprehensive range of services under one roof. Backed by more than 4 generations of experience, we guarantee flawless results and unbeatable value for money without exception.

Call anytime to find out what makes Brickpoint London a standout among brickwork repair contractors in London.

Brickwork Restoration in London

One of our primary areas of expertise is brickwork restoration, suitable for all types of homes and businesses in North and South London. As the name suggests, brickwork restoration refers to the process of restoring brick walls and structures to their former glory. Irrespective of how tired, dated or dilapidated your brickwork looks today, we’ll have it looking as good as the day it was built.

If you’d like to learn more about brick restoration in North or South London, book your obligation-free consultation with the team at Brickpoint London today.

The Brickwork Restoration Process

Brickwork restoration can be approached in a variety of ways, in accordance with the requirements of the structure. London is home to one of the most diverse and dynamic mixes of contemporary and period properties in the UK – each having its own unique characteristics and structural composition.

When carrying out brickwork restoration in North and South London, we begin by conducting a detailed inspection of the brickwork to assess its requirements. After which, one or more of the following services may be provided to improve both the appearance and the structural integrity of the brickwork:
• Thorough cleaning of the surface to remove stains
• Careful removal and replacement of broken brickwork
• Repointing where mortar is missing or damaged
• Full replacement of bricks and stonework when necessary
• Precision brick and mortar tinting for a seamless fit
• Weatherproofing of bricks and mortar for long-term protection

Importantly, we’ll also carefully consider what may have caused your brickwork to become damaged in the first place. Head over to our portfolio section for a closer look at some of our recent brickwork restorations in North and South London, or call anytime for an obligation-free consultation with a member of the team.

Professional Repointing Services in London

Brickpoint London is a leading specialist in professional brick pointing in North and South London, providing a comprehensive range of services for classical and contemporary properties.

From modern mortar repairs to all types of period property lime repointing in London, we cover all requirements under one roof. Call anytime for more information, or to arrange an obligation-free inspection and assessment of your property.

London’s Repointing and Restoration Specialists

As we often say, what we don’t know about brick repointing in North London really isn’t worth knowing! Our trusted team of local contractors has more than 75 years’ combined experience in brick repointing and repairs.

Whether looking to simply spruce up your exteriors or in need of assistance with an urgent property repair, we can help. Identifying repointing requirements is the first step in the repair and restoration process, which means noting any of the following warning signs:

• Pointing that has become discoloured or dull
• Visible signs of damaged and broken pointing
• Brickwork that needs to be repaired or replaced
• Any pointing that is decaying, flaking or cracking
• Missing pointing that has left gaps between the bricks
• Pointing that’s unsuitable for the bricks/stonework

It’s worth remembering that what appears to be a minor issue on the surface can often be indicative of a much more serious issue. Rather than taking chances on the structural integrity and safety of your home, talk to London’s repointing and restoration specialists to discuss the available options.

We’ll be happy to pay you a visit and inspect your home or business, with absolutely no obligation to go ahead with any recommended repairs.

Brick Cleaning in London

As one of the longest-established brick cleaning companies in London, we know how to breathe new life into even the most rundown exteriors. Professional brick cleaning in North London represents a viable and cost-effective alternative to comprehensive brickwork restoration.

If you’re looking for a London brick cleaning company you can trust to exceed your expectations at a price you can afford, you’re in safe hands with Brickpoint London. Call anytime to learn more about our brick cleaning services, or to arrange your obligation-free property inspection.

Bespoke Brick Tinting in London

Brick tinting plays a role of immense importance in the brickwork repair and restoration process. In order to ensure the bricks, mortar and other materials used perfectly match the rest of the structure, they may need to be tinted with pinpoint precision.
At Brickpoint London, we’ve spent more than 4 generations mastering the art of expert brick tinting. From modern homes and contemporary businesses to period properties of all kinds, we’ve got the knowledge, skills and resources needed to deliver consistently flawless results.

Whatever your requirements and budget, we’re standing by to take your call – contact the team at Brickpoint London anytime for an obligation-free consultation.

The Benefits of Brick Tinting

Contrary to popular belief, brick tinting isn’t exclusively about keeping up appearances. There are various additional advantages to professional brick tinting, which can benefit your property in a number of ways. Examples of which include the following amongst others:
• Faster, cheaper and easier than major renovations
• Improved visual appeal and aesthetic value
• Enhanced protective properties and weatherproofing
• Can increase the value of your home in general
• The opportunity to get creative and imaginative
• A safe and straightforward home improvement

Whether it’s tinting a single brick or tackling a comprehensive property makeover, we bring the same passion, professionalism and craftsmanship to every job we take on. Call or e-mail anytime to learn more about our bespoke brick tinting services in North and South London.

Expert Stone Repairs in London

Stonemasonry is an entirely different field to standard brickwork, which requires specialist knowledge, skills and experience to master.

Stone repairs can often provide an affordable alternative to costly stonework replacements and major renovations. Irrespective of the type of stonework that needs to be repaired, it may be possible to patch up the existing stonework without replacing major components outright.

When carrying out stone repairs in London, we also take the time to consider what caused the damage in the first place. If there’s a way of protecting your stonework from future damage to minimise maintenance and repair costs, we’ll talk you through the available options. All with absolutely no obligation to go ahead at any time.

If you’d like to learn more about our experience in stone repairs, call anytime for an obligation-free chat with a member of the team.

London’s Brickwork Specialists

For more than 50 years, Brickpoint London has been working hard to consistently outperform all comparable brickwork companies in London. What separates us from most brickwork contractors in North, East, South and West London is our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Irrespective of the size and nature of the job, we bring the same passion and professionalism to every project we take on.

What’s more, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of premium-quality brickwork services under one roof. From periodic repointing to urgent chimney repairs to brick cleaning to tuck pointing for London homes and businesses, one call to Brickpoint London takes care of everything.

Browse our complete range of services online, or contact a member of the Brickpoint London team if you have any questions. Once again, we’d be delighted to pay you a visit and carry out a detailed inspection of your property, with no obligation to go ahead with the repairs and improvements we propose.