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Brick Tinting

Backed by more than 4 generations of industry experience, Brickpoint London Ltd is a true standout among brick tinting companies in London. Providing a comprehensive range of brick tinting services for homes and commercial properties, we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship we bring to every project we take on.

Whether it’s mortar tinting for a Victorian residence or contemporary brick tinting for businesses in Surrey, we cover all bases and budgets under one roof. Check out our portfolio page for a closer look at some of our recently completed projects, or contact a member of the team at Brickpoint London anytime for an obligation-free consultation.

Flawless Results at Affordable Prices

Our meticulous approach to brick tinting in London has earned us an unrivalled reputation. Using only the highest-quality materials and specialist tinting products, we’re able to flawlessly replicate the exact colour and finish of any type of brickwork or stonework.

Just a few of the practical applications of our expert brick tinting services include the following amongst others:
• Ensuring extensions and conservatories match the existing structure
• Restoration of faded and colour-damaged brickwork
• Conducting repairs and brick replacements to blend with their surroundings
• Building feature walls and boundary walls that match the property
• Revamping brickwork with enhanced and improved colouration

Quite simply, we’re able to transform any existing brickwork (or required brickwork) into any colour or shade you like. From classical stonework to bold and bright brickwork, we’ll ensure the final result matches your vision flawlessly.

Call or e-mail anytime for more information, or to arrange an obligation-free inspection of your property.

Total Commitment to Quality and Safety

Contrary to popular belief, brick tinting isn’t only about dying bricks and stonework to match their surroundings. It’s also about getting the job done in a way that preserves or even enhances the safety and protective properties of the bricks being worked on.

Brick tinting products and compounds vary enormously in terms of quality and safety. Some contain harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals that can take a toll on the structural integrity of the bricks or stonework. By contrast, others are designed to benefit brickwork in more ways than one, creating a flawless visual finish while preserving their strength and integrity.

At Brickpoint London, we work exclusively with the latter. Under no circumstances will we ever compromise on quality, either to get the job done faster or to cut costs. We believe that when working on brickwork of any kind, nothing matters more than quality and safety.

Whether ready to go ahead or simply looking to learn more about the benefits of brick tinting, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact a member of the team at Brickpoint London anytime for a free initial consultation.

What Are the Benefits of Brick Tinting?

Every property owner has their own unique motivations for organising professional brick tinting. Though in all instances, precision brick tinting can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

A few of which include the following:
• Improved weatherproofing and protection for your property
• Enhanced visual appeal and long-term lustre
• The possibility of improved property values
• Far cheaper than extensive repairs or renovations
• The opportunity to get creative with colours and shades
• Good for keeping planning officials and neighbours happy
• A relatively straightforward project with minimal disruption
• No planning permission required (in most instances)

Professional brick tinting can make your property look great, but the potential benefits of brick tinting go far beyond appearances alone.

Why Choose Brickpoint London?

Having been in business for more than 4 generations, we understand the expectations of the clients we work with. We know that when entrusting your most important asset to a team of contractors, you need to know it’s a team that will get the job done properly and at an affordable price.

From start to finish, we guarantee the kind of passion and professionalism no other contractor in London and Surrey can offer. We’d also be delighted to hear from you anytime to discuss any of our property improvement services in more detail.

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