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Here at Brickpoint London, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality work as leading brick repointing contractors with over 50 years of expertise in brick repointing and brickwork repairs. As a family-run firm, we specialise in all aspects of brick repointing in London and Surrey, serving both residential and commercial clients.

With an ever-expanding list of satisfied customers, we have garnered extensive experience to cover all your building and renovation requirements. Our team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship, employing a combination of traditional techniques and cutting-edge equipment to ensure exceptional results every time.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time for a no-obligation consultation. We're here to discuss your specific requirements in more detail and provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Expert Brick Repointing Contractor in London and Surrey

Our services include brick repointing services in old and new work, repairs, cleaning, surface treatments, heli bars, and resin repairs. We cover all types of property alterations, conversions, foundations, renovations, building repairs, chimneys, and stonework.

Unlike some brick repointing contractors, our experience and expertise also extend to all types of contemporary and period properties. We work hard to minimise brickwork repointing costs for every client we work with, though refuse to compromise on the quality of results.

Our long list of satisfied clients includes house owners, landlords, property developers, construction companies, local authorities, national bodies, and more. Why not head over to our portfolio page for a closer look at what we do, or call anytime for a quick quotation?

Expert Brick Repointing Contractor in London and Surrey

When Is Brick Repointing Necessary?

Whether you need to spruce up your own house or want to add value to a property ahead of rental or resale, you’re in safe hands with Brickpoint London. But when do you need brickwork repointing? 

How often should brick repointing contractors be working on the average property?

A thorough inspection performed by an experienced professional is the only way to accurately determine your property repointing requirements. Nevertheless, your home may benefit from repointing in any of the following instances:

Where Can I Find The Best Brick Pointing Contractors Near Me?

If you’re looking for a team of trusted brick repointing contractors for London and Surrey, look no further than Brickpoint London. For more than four generations, we’ve been going the extra mile to consistently outperform comparable brick pointing companies in London and the surrounding region.

We know what it means to go above and beyond expectations, which is why our customers keep coming back. We offer a wide variety of services including re-pointing for modern homes or period properties with distinction – all at competitive prices you can trust!

For more information or to discuss the requirements of your project in more detail, contact a member of our team today. Give us a call on 0208 773 0565 or send an e-mail to and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible!


Bricks are amongst one of the sturdiest and most durable of building materials. But even it and the mortar which holds it together can be worn down over time because of environmental factors. When the mortar which is holding your brick together begins to recede, crack or fall out of joints, it is time to consider repointing your bricking.

Brickpoint London Ltd is a highly experienced and longest-established brickwork specialist company based in London. For over 4 generations, we’ve been providing homes and businesses across the capital with a wide range of brickwork repair, repointing and renovation services.

Brick repointing is crucial for maintaining structural stability, protecting against weather damage, enhancing aesthetics, increasing longevity, and preserving the historical and cultural significance of brick-built structures. It is a proactive measure that safeguards both the physical and aesthetic integrity of the building, contributing to its long-term sustainability.

Our team provide a variety of Brickwork services in and around the following areas:

CR0 – CR2 – CR3 – CR4 – CR5 – CR6 -CR7 – CR8 – CR9.

GU1 – GU21 – GU22 – GU23 – GU24.

KT1 – KT2 – KT3 – KT4 – KT5 – KT6 – KT7 – KT8 – KT9 – KT10 – KT11 – KT12 – KT13 – KT14 – KT15 KT16 – KT17 – KT18 – KT19 – KT20 – KT21 – KT22 – KT23 – KT24.

RH1 – RH2 – RH3 – RH4 – RH5.

SM1 – SM2 – SM3 – SM4 – SM5 – SM6 – SM7.

SW1A – SW1E – SW1H – SW1P – SW1V – SW1W – SW1X – SW1Y – SW2 – SW3 – SW4 – SW6 – SW7 – SW8 – SW9 – SW10 – SW11 – SW12 – SW13 – SW14 – SW15 – SW16 – SW17 – SW18 – SW19 – SW20.

TW1 – TW2 – TW3 – TW4 – TW7 – TW8 – TW9 – TW10 – TW11 – TW12 – TW13 – TW14 – TW15 – TW16 – TW17 TW18 – TW19 – TW20

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