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Discover a new standard in quality brick pointing repair and renovation services in London and Surrey, brought to you by the experts at Brickpoint London Ltd. As leading brick pointing specialists with more than 4 generations of industry experience, we know what it means to combine flawless results with unbeatable value for money.

Our team of skilled contractors uses traditional brick pointing techniques to ensure immaculate results with all conventional and non-standard brick pointing styles. Whether ready to go ahead or simply considering a future property repair, London’s most experienced brick pointing experts are standing by to take your call.

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What Is Brick Pointing?

If you’re planning an exterior repair job for your property, it’s natural to have a long list of questions and concerns in mind. What is brick pointing? How much does brick pointing cost? How to repair brick pointing if you plan on tackling the job yourself?

As for the basics, brick pointing, or re-pointing, is the art of repairing the joints of brickwork with mortar or cement. It is an essential routine maintenance job to safeguard the structure of brick masonry and to improve resistance to water penetration.

The longevity of bricks may well exceed 100 years and is thus greater than that of the mortar holding them together, so the occasional repair of the mortar joints is expected over the life of the building. You must always use the correct materials to match the age of the building so that you are keeping everything as original as possible.

Hence, rather than learning how to do brick pointing from scratch, it can be far easier and more cost effective to hire the pros.

Where Can I Find The Best Brick Pointing Contractors Near Me?

If you’re looking for a team of trusted brick pointing contractors for London and Surrey, look no further than Brickpoint London! For more than 4 generations, we’ve been going the extra mile to consistently outperform comparable brick pointing companies in London and the surrounding region.

What’s more, we’re also one of few brick pointing companies to be extensively experienced in all re-pointing methods and property types. From modern homes to period properties of distinction, we know what it means to exceed expectations at competitive prices.

What Are The Different Types Of Pointing?

Brick pointing involves the use of a wide variety of materials and compounds, in accordance with the requirements of the surrounding structure. For example, a Victorian home will usually need a completely different pointing material than a property built after the 1920s.

There are also various different types of pointing in terms of application methods and appearance, including but not limited to the following:

1. Flush Pointing

This is a popular type of pointing wherein the material is pressed firmly into place and finished so as to sit flush with the surface of the surrounding brickwork.

2. Recessed Pointing

Where preferable, it is also possible to press the compound into the wall to leave a small gap at the front, which depending on the brickwork structure can be extremely attractive.

3. Struck Pointing

An attractive option which is also good for drainage, wherein the bottom of the compound sits flush with the wall and the upper edge is pressed inwards slightly to sit at an angle.

4. Rubbed, Keyed or Grooved Pointing

This technique involves the use of a tool, which is used to form a groove in the pointing at its mid-height point, purely for aesthetic purposes.

5. V- Pointing

Similarly, this technique creates an inward V-shape in the pointing using a specialist tool, which again can make for a beautiful visual appearance.

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