What is the Purpose of Repointing Brick in London?

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Brick is a timeless and classic way to enhance the elegance of a home. Over time, while the bricks may be in decent shape, the mortar in between them becomes dirty, dingy, and cracked. When this happens it becomes possible for moisture to get in behind the bricks, causing structural damage. With the significant amount of rainfall we receive annually, brick repointing in London can save your home from irreparable damage further down the road.

Why Repointing Is Important

The process of removing deteriorating mortar from joints and replacing it is known as repointing, and it is perhaps the most significant factor in maintaining your wall’s “health.” Brickpoint correctly performs the brick repointing process in London to assist in stabilizing walls, waterproofing, extending the life of the wall, and enhancing its visual quality. When done by less experienced mason workers, physical damage to brick and stone can occur, along with allowing water to become trapped inside with no way to evaporate.

How to Determine if Brick Needs to Be Repointed

Mortar joints are the first line of defence a wall has, and there are obvious signs when problems are imminent. Look for signs such as loose bricks, mortar which is crumbly, weak, missing, loose, or cracked, and you get water leaks from unusual areas not in close proximity to pipes. If you notice any of these tell-tale signs on your brick walls, give us a ring immediately. We will fix the mortar before there is any further damage to the wall or the structure.
Proper techniques when repointing will ensure that a long life of the wall and the joint is guaranteed. Our friendly and expert craftsmen do brick repointing in London that is meant to last. When done properly, an excellent job can reasonably be expected to endure between fifty and one hundred years.

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