What Is Brick Repointing?

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We at Pointing Brickwork Brickpoint in London handle a number of brick-related issues, but one of the most common we handle is brick repointing. Many of those who have bricking in their home – whether their home is entirely made of brick or they have a feature made of brick, such as a fireplace – do not realise is that this sturdy material can be repaired and replaced in a budget-friendly way.

Why Consider Brick Repointing?

Brick repointing brings with it a number of benefits, including: Conserving Older Buildings: Heritage homes and landmarks can be preserved and restored through the repointing of brick Image: For homes and commercial organisations, repointing can greatly enhance the aesthetic value of your building Property Value: The better your curb appeal, the higher your property value will be. Restoring and repairing the brick in your home or building delivers that attractive appearance and changes your home from appearing old and run down to refreshed and modern.

Why Would I Need to Repoint My Bricking?

Bricks are amongst one of the sturdiest and most durable of building materials. But even it and the mortar which holds it together can be worn down over time because of environmental factors. When the mortar which is holding your brick together begins to recede, crack or fall out of joints, it is time to consider repointing your bricking.

Why Homeowners Should Consider Hiring a Professional

Brick repointing may seem easy to do when you watch the pros at Pointing Brickwork Brickpoint do the job. The truth is that every repointing job must be performed with the utmost caution and care. This means using the right tools and the right materials in the right circumstances in order to avoid damaging the brick or even permanently compromising the appearance and integrity of the structure.

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