What is Brick Pointing?

Posted on 17 Apr 2015
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Brick pointing is the process of creating a “finish” between the stones or bricks. If you notice carefully, many brick structures have significant spaces between them. Over time, your house may require repointing in order to strengthen the brickwork. Depending upon the age of your house, the mortar that is primarily used to hold the bricks together will be made commonly from lime. However, cement has become more popular nowadays.

If your house requires pointing work, it is important that you hire a professional brick pointing service. That’s because an improper point job can cause irreparable damage to aged houses or buildings. As the mortar weakens the joints in the bricks, the strength of the walls may also be depleted significantly.

Why Choose BrickPoint?

Brick Point is one of the most experienced brick pointing in London. We offer a plethora of different services, ranging from repairs and cleaning as well as complete repointing. It is one of the largest companies in London and has been working in the brickwork industry for over four generations. Most people are on the edge about hiring a brick pointer. However, all of the work that we do is completely insured and guaranteed.

What We Bring to the Table

Brick Point has been working in the brick industry for a long time. Over the years, we have built a name for ourselves. If you are confused about whether your house needs brick pointing or not, all you have to do is give us a call. We offer free estimates and advice to potential customers and are willing to discuss your building’s current needs at length. We also make sure that all of our prices are in line with the current market rates, so you will only pay us for the work that we do.

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