Brick Repairs in London for Chimneys

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Chimneys are a common sight and brick repairs in London can be executed easily by professionals like Brickpoint. While chimneys are extremely durable structures, periodically they do need some basic repairs to keep them in excellent working condition. It can be difficult to tell when something is not right just by looking quickly at your chimney, so having Brickpoint do an annual inspection can catch minor issues before they become real problems.

What Causes Chimney Damage?

Crumbling due to age is common, especially with the majority of chimneys placed in roof areas exposed to the ravages of nature. Generally, a crumbling chimney is the result of cracked brick, degraded mortar, or both. They become susceptible to typical problems caused by damage from venting smoke.
Structural damage can also occur as a result of extreme weather conditions outdoors. Most brick chimneys also need repairs to the crown area periodically. The overall durability of a chimney is defined by the crown. When the crown is fully functioning, it protects the inner lining and ensures that there is no deterioration of stucco from smoke passing through.

How We Do Repairs

For our typical brick repairs in London, we require that the chimney be thoroughly cleaned to access the surfaces which are damaged. Working in small sections at a time, areas of damaged brick are removed and set aside. As each section is cleaned, we spread a specialized mortar mix into the weathered chimney joints with a trowel. Next, the surfaces of replacement bricks are slathered with the mortar mix and evened out with the trowel. These bricks are then placed in the prepared spot on the chimney. The process is repeated on each side until all of the damaged brick has been replaced.
If you need brick repair in London for your chimney, we have more than fifty years of professional experience, ensuring the job is completed properly. After we have finished, your chimney will serve you well for years to come.

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