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Two Important Signs Your Chimney Needs Brick Repairs in London

Wood fireplaces are being swapped out for their gas counterparts on a regular basis, but homes are still being constructed with brick and mortar chimneys. Chimneys add class and aesthetic appeal to most homes, which is why they are still included in many home designs today.

That said, we at Pointing Brickwork Brickpoint know from experience that no chimney lasts forever. If you have an older home and are considering chimney brick repairs in London, there are some clear indications that you should have the brick fixed sooner than later:

1. Damaged Mortar between Bricks

When clients ask us about chimney repair, we first advise them to look at the mortar joints. If they are damaged in any way, then it is a likely time for a repair or replacement. When our customers give us a call, we take a close look at the mortar that runs in between your bricking. From there, we are able to assess the level of damage and provide an educated layout of the work that needs to be done. If caught early on, brick repairs in London may only require some sophisticated tuckpointing.

2. Smoky Homes and Smelly Fireplaces

Throwing a log on your natural wood-burning fireplace should not cause an influx of smoke to enter your home (after all, isn’t that what a fireplace is for?). If you’re suffering from excess smoke or bad odours, this is a clear sign that your chimney is not working properly.

In the experience of our brick and chimney pros at Pointing Brickwork Brickpoint, it’s almost always due to the chimney lining. Trust us – a smelly chimney is the least of your problems. A damaged liner can become dangerous in a short period of time for the home and those who are currently within it. If your home isn’t filtering out the smoke, put out the fire and keep it out until you call a company that specialises in brick repairs in London.

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What Is Brick Repointing?

We at Pointing Brickwork Brickpoint in London handle a number of brick-related issues, but one of the most common we handle is brick repointing. Many of those who have bricking in their home – whether their home is entirely made of brick or they have a feature made of brick, such as a fireplace – do not realise is that this sturdy material can be repaired and replaced in a budget-friendly way.

Why Consider Brick Repointing?

Brick repointing brings with it a number of benefits, including: Conserving Older Buildings: Heritage homes and landmarks can be preserved and restored through the repointing of brick Image: For homes and commercial organisations, repointing can greatly enhance the aesthetic value of your building Property Value: The better your curb appeal, the higher your property value will be. Restoring and repairing the brick in your home or building delivers that attractive appearance and changes your home from appearing old and run down to refreshed and modern.

Why Would I Need to Repoint My Bricking?

Bricks are amongst one of the sturdiest and most durable of building materials. But even it and the mortar which holds it together can be worn down over time because of environmental factors. When the mortar which is holding your brick together begins to recede, crack or fall out of joints, it is time to consider repointing your bricking.

Why Homeowners Should Consider Hiring a Professional

Brick repointing may seem easy to do when you watch the pros at Pointing Brickwork Brickpoint do the job. The truth is that every repointing job must be performed with the utmost caution and care. This means using the right tools and the right materials in the right circumstances in order to avoid damaging the brick or even permanently compromising the appearance and integrity of the structure.

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Bricks Repairs in London- What We Offer

London is the largest city in England. There are hundreds of different types of buildings in the city, both new and old. Some of the buildings in the city are hundreds of years old. With over four generations of experience in the brick industry, we have closely studied the brickwork in and around London, and are confident of offering you the best brick repairs in the Big City. Brick repairs vary depending upon the type of damage.

At Brick Point, we strive to help our customers as much as possible. When called upon, our expert brick workers will closely inspect the building and determine the extent of the damage. Then, we will provide a list of different options to our client, making it easy for them to decide what they want. From repointing to repairing, we can do it all. Our main aim is to minimise your expenditure, without compromising on the quality of our service. Here’s why Brick Point is different than others:

Unparalleled Experience

For over 50 years we have performed brick repairs in London and parts of Surrey. Brick Point is a family run firm, with knowledge passing down from generation to generation. Our expert brick workers are able to determine the problem shortly after inspecting the building and can provide the best possible solution. With our experience and expertise, you can rest assured that the job will be done in the best possible manner

Complete Peace of Mind

We have worked with clients all over London. We understand that brick repairs in London can put people on edge. However, we provide complete peace of mind to our customers since all the work that we do is guaranteed and fully insured. We are confident in our handiwork and aim to satisfy our clients to the best of our ability.

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What is Brick Pointing?

Brick pointing is the process of creating a “finish” between the stones or bricks. If you notice carefully, many brick structures have significant spaces between them. Over time, your house may require repointing in order to strengthen the brickwork. Depending upon the age of your house, the mortar that is primarily used to hold the bricks together will be made commonly from lime. However, cement has become more popular nowadays.

If your house requires pointing work, it is important that you hire a professional brick pointing service. That’s because an improper point job can cause irreparable damage to aged houses or buildings. As the mortar weakens the joints in the bricks, the strength of the walls may also be depleted significantly.

Why Choose BrickPoint?

Brick Point is one of the most experienced brick pointing in London. We offer a plethora of different services, ranging from repairs and cleaning as well as complete repointing. It is one of the largest companies in London and has been working in the brickwork industry for over four generations. Most people are on the edge about hiring a brick pointer. However, all of the work that we do is completely insured and guaranteed.

What We Bring to the Table

Brick Point has been working in the brick industry for a long time. Over the years, we have built a name for ourselves. If you are confused about whether your house needs brick pointing or not, all you have to do is give us a call. We offer free estimates and advice to potential customers and are willing to discuss your building’s current needs at length. We also make sure that all of our prices are in line with the current market rates, so you will only pay us for the work that we do.

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Brick Repairs in London for Chimneys

Chimneys are a common sight and brick repairs in London can be executed easily by professionals like Brickpoint. While chimneys are extremely durable structures, periodically they do need some basic repairs to keep them in excellent working condition. It can be difficult to tell when something is not right just by looking quickly at your chimney, so having Brickpoint do an annual inspection can catch minor issues before they become real problems.

What Causes Chimney Damage?

Crumbling due to age is common, especially with the majority of chimneys placed in roof areas exposed to the ravages of nature. Generally, a crumbling chimney is the result of cracked brick, degraded mortar, or both. They become susceptible to typical problems caused by damage from venting smoke.
Structural damage can also occur as a result of extreme weather conditions outdoors. Most brick chimneys also need repairs to the crown area periodically. The overall durability of a chimney is defined by the crown. When the crown is fully functioning, it protects the inner lining and ensures that there is no deterioration of stucco from smoke passing through.

How We Do Repairs

For our typical brick repairs in London, we require that the chimney be thoroughly cleaned to access the surfaces which are damaged. Working in small sections at a time, areas of damaged brick are removed and set aside. As each section is cleaned, we spread a specialized mortar mix into the weathered chimney joints with a trowel. Next, the surfaces of replacement bricks are slathered with the mortar mix and evened out with the trowel. These bricks are then placed in the prepared spot on the chimney. The process is repeated on each side until all of the damaged brick has been replaced.
If you need brick repair in London for your chimney, we have more than fifty years of professional experience, ensuring the job is completed properly. After we have finished, your chimney will serve you well for years to come.

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What is the Purpose of Repointing Brick in London?

Brick is a timeless and classic way to enhance the elegance of a home. Over time, while the bricks may be in decent shape, the mortar in between them becomes dirty, dingy, and cracked. When this happens it becomes possible for moisture to get in behind the bricks, causing structural damage. With the significant amount of rainfall we receive annually, brick repointing in London can save your home from irreparable damage further down the road.

Why Repointing Is Important

The process of removing deteriorating mortar from joints and replacing it is known as repointing, and it is perhaps the most significant factor in maintaining your wall’s “health.” Brickpoint correctly performs the brick repointing process in London to assist in stabilizing walls, waterproofing, extending the life of the wall, and enhancing its visual quality. When done by less experienced mason workers, physical damage to brick and stone can occur, along with allowing water to become trapped inside with no way to evaporate.

How to Determine if Brick Needs to Be Repointed

Mortar joints are the first line of defence a wall has, and there are obvious signs when problems are imminent. Look for signs such as loose bricks, mortar which is crumbly, weak, missing, loose, or cracked, and you get water leaks from unusual areas not in close proximity to pipes. If you notice any of these tell-tale signs on your brick walls, give us a ring immediately. We will fix the mortar before there is any further damage to the wall or the structure.
Proper techniques when repointing will ensure that a long life of the wall and the joint is guaranteed. Our friendly and expert craftsmen do brick repointing in London that is meant to last. When done properly, an excellent job can reasonably be expected to endure between fifty and one hundred years.

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Our Brick Repairs Keep Your Building Looking Good

Here, at Brickpoint London, Ltd., we appreciate the restored looks of brick and stonework buildings as well as the “clean” look of repointed masonry. That’s why we insist that, at the first sign of a crack, that owners of brick buildings contact our company about our brick repointing services and other types of brick repairs.

Repair Cracks or Make Repairs Right Away

Brick repairs can reach epoch proportions if you don’t take care of a crack in a brick right away. While brick structures are sold in the real estate market as maintenance-free exteriors, they still need routine inspections and cleanings to keep them in good repair. Even the water at ground level can enter the joints of bricks and come up through a structure by capillary means.

Don’t Procrastinate – Bricks Are Not That Maintenance-free

If you procrastinate on any brick repairs, you will wish that you had been more assertive as the brick wall before you will, no doubt, appear deteriorated after a small length of time. While a crack can be sealed or fixed initially, the site will continue to deteriorate at an exponential rate if the crack is never fixed.

How Cracks in Crevices Develop

Freezing and thawing cycles in London and the UK cause small cracks to appear in masonry. In addition, if the brick or masonry is located next to corroded metal or moisture is trapped behind improperly sealed bricks, then the cost of a brick repair can turn out to be quite high.

Keep Your Brick Walls Well-maintained

If you don’t immediately take care of the repair, any ensuing masonry problems will result in an unsightly, unsafe and ill-ventilated brick building. If the brick damage affects a chimney, then a complete rebuild may be indicted too. Needless to say, thinking that a brick building is low or no maintenance can only cause the owner of the building frustration and regret.

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Keep Your Brick Building Structurally Sound – Utilise Brick Repointing Services

Here, at Brickpoint London, Ltd., our brick restorative services are centered on brick repointing or masonry services that improve a building’s value and looks. Restoring bricks by repointing them fills in gaps where water can seep into a structure and adds to the aesthetics of a building’s wall or facade. Therefore, many of our clients either retain our masonry services to upgrade a building’s looks, or to make sure that the building stays structurally sound and leak-free.

Why Repointing Is Necessary

The process of brick repointing involves repointing the exterior part of mortar joints on a brick building or wall. Over time, decay and the weathering process ultimately cause voids to form within the joints of the brick. As a result, the openings permit the entrance of water. Any water that enters the opening can cause a great amount of damage due to the salt dissolution and deposition that takes place as a result of weathering.

We Know Everything There Is to Know About Repointing Bricks

Our company is fully knowledgeable when it comes to brick repointing or restoring bricks. Therefore, there is no reason to consider another masonry specialist. We have over four decades of experience and are well-versed in designing new units of motor, each of which we match with the current colours and textures of the original brickwork. Extreme care is used in pointing bricks, with the mortar permitted to cure over a 24-hour or longer period.

Sealing the Bond

Generally, when it comes to brick repointing, mortar that is sound usually needs no removal although new mortar is often added anyway. Again, the new brickwork is made to match the texture of the existing mortar to avoid any visual discrepancies when viewing the bricks. Depths over 2.5” are generally filled in several passes with the joint profile angled to allow the new pointing mortar to bond with the brick.

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Why Brick Pointing is to the Structure of Your Building

Brick is designed to last; mortar isn’t. Over the course of time it is not uncommon for the mortar around bricks to experience wear and tear. However, what seems like a natural process can be dangerous to the structure of your building. As damage to the mortar becomes greater with passing time and damage from the elements, you may find that water can leak through the holes in the mortar. In addition to this worsening the damage of the mortar itself, it can also be critical to the structure of the home. A water leak can cause mould, mildew, and water damage that can be very costly fix. This is where Brickpoint comes in. We use brick pointing to repair mortar, without replacement of the entire foundation.

The Brick Pointing Process

The first step that our professionals take is to analyse the mortar. Once we have a match, we can begin the brick pointing process. The mortar should be mixed and then pressed into the problem areas of the existing mortar. Before the mortar begins to dry, it is wiped clean. This results in a smooth, undamaged joint. While this process seems quite simple, it is still best left to professionals in the masonry field.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

There are several reasons that you should choose a professional for brick pointing instead of attempting a do-it-yourself project. First, our team of professionals at Brickpoint has access to technology that can analyse mortar to find its specific type. This is because it allows the existing mortar and the new mortar to be matched perfectly. Our team is also more efficient. While we believe efficiency is key, we do not let it affect our service. Every job that we complete is guaranteed for quality.

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How London Brick Repairs Affect the Value of Your Home

There are many things that can affect the value of your home, including brick siding. Brick siding has dual value when it comes to your home. First, it protects the structure of your building. It ensures that water cannot get inside and cause mould, mildew, or water damage inside your home. It also adds significant cost value to your home. If you find that your brick siding is in need of repair, contact us at BrickPoint. We offer brick repair in London and surrounding areas.

The Safety of Your Building Structure

Brick is considered to be one of the more sturdy options for siding. This means it is less likely that you will need London brick repair. Often it can be maintained by simply hosing it down with water. However, you should conduct regular inspections to ensure your brick siding is in good condition. If you do find damages, such as damaged mortar, cracked bricks, or crumbling, it is essential that you contact us right away. In addition to adding cost value to your home, brick protects your home’s structure from water and the elements. If water gets inside your home, it can cause structural damage, mould, and mildew.

Implications on Value

One of the largest disadvantages of brick is the cost. While it is easy to maintain, and offers temperature control, it can be one of the more expensive types of siding to install. This expense, however, is directly reflected in the price of your home. It is estimated that having brick siding can increase the value of your home up to 6 %. With a boost in value that high, why wouldn’t you choose brick siding? If you require brick repairs in London get in touch with us to ensure your siding retains its value.

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