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February 2015

Our Brick Repairs Keep Your Building Looking Good

Here, at Brickpoint London, Ltd., we appreciate the restored looks of brick and stonework buildings as well as the “clean” look of repointed masonry. That’s why we insist that, at the first sign of a crack, that owners of brick buildings contact our company about our brick repointing services and other types of brick repairs.

Repair Cracks or Make Repairs Right Away

Brick repairs can reach epoch proportions if you don’t take care of a crack in a brick right away. While brick structures are sold in the real estate market as maintenance-free exteriors, they still need routine inspections and cleanings to keep them in good repair. Even the water at ground level can enter the joints of bricks and come up through a structure by capillary means.

Don’t Procrastinate – Bricks Are Not That Maintenance-free

If you procrastinate on any brick repairs, you will wish that you had been more assertive as the brick wall before you will, no doubt, appear deteriorated after a small length of time. While a crack can be sealed or fixed initially, the site will continue to deteriorate at an exponential rate if the crack is never fixed.

How Cracks in Crevices Develop

Freezing and thawing cycles in London and the UK cause small cracks to appear in masonry. In addition, if the brick or masonry is located next to corroded metal or moisture is trapped behind improperly sealed bricks, then the cost of a brick repair can turn out to be quite high.

Keep Your Brick Walls Well-maintained

If you don’t immediately take care of the repair, any ensuing masonry problems will result in an unsightly, unsafe and ill-ventilated brick building. If the brick damage affects a chimney, then a complete rebuild may be indicted too. Needless to say, thinking that a brick building is low or no maintenance can only cause the owner of the building frustration and regret.

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Keep Your Brick Building Structurally Sound – Utilise Brick Repointing Services

Here, at Brickpoint London, Ltd., our brick restorative services are centered on brick repointing or masonry services that improve a building’s value and looks. Restoring bricks by repointing them fills in gaps where water can seep into a structure and adds to the aesthetics of a building’s wall or facade. Therefore, many of our clients either retain our masonry services to upgrade a building’s looks, or to make sure that the building stays structurally sound and leak-free.

Why Repointing Is Necessary

The process of brick repointing involves repointing the exterior part of mortar joints on a brick building or wall. Over time, decay and the weathering process ultimately cause voids to form within the joints of the brick. As a result, the openings permit the entrance of water. Any water that enters the opening can cause a great amount of damage due to the salt dissolution and deposition that takes place as a result of weathering.

We Know Everything There Is to Know About Repointing Bricks

Our company is fully knowledgeable when it comes to brick repointing or restoring bricks. Therefore, there is no reason to consider another masonry specialist. We have over four decades of experience and are well-versed in designing new units of motor, each of which we match with the current colours and textures of the original brickwork. Extreme care is used in pointing bricks, with the mortar permitted to cure over a 24-hour or longer period.

Sealing the Bond

Generally, when it comes to brick repointing, mortar that is sound usually needs no removal although new mortar is often added anyway. Again, the new brickwork is made to match the texture of the existing mortar to avoid any visual discrepancies when viewing the bricks. Depths over 2.5” are generally filled in several passes with the joint profile angled to allow the new pointing mortar to bond with the brick.

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