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April 2014

Brickwork Repointing, Repairs and Cleaning Services in London

Brickwork is one of the most popular, durable and versatile building materials. However, as with all exterior surfaces, exposure to the elements such as rain, snow, salt spray, heat, dirt, sand and dust can cause the deterioration of the material over time. Deteriorating brickwork is a fairly common problem, especially in old London properties, and it can lead to irreversible structural damage to walls and property. To this end, proper care, maintenance and the occasional repair are essential to maintain the physical appearance and integrity of a building’s brickwork. Brickpoint Ltd, a leading pointing London contractor, provides a full range of brickwork maintenance services to enable homeowners, businesses, letting agents, landlords, building contractors and local authorities to enhance their buildings structurally and aesthetically, thereby adding value to their properties. These include:

Pointing and Repointing

Repointing, or pointing, is the process of removing deteriorated and/or distressed mortar from joints between bricks and installing new mortar into the joints. Bricks and stones can last centuries, but mortar lasts only for decades. Therefore, brick repointing London services may be needed multiple times over the life of most exterior brickwork and masonry work.

Repointing is one of the basic brick repairs London processes, and is primarily carried out to reduce weathering effects on masonry work. It increases the brickwork’s weather resistance by dramatically reducing the amount of water that penetrates the brickwork, increasing its longevity and strengthening other components of the structure, which could weaken due to water infiltration through the mortar joints.

Proper brick pointing can last up to 30 years, but, improper pointing will do little to extend the life of the brick or stone structure and may even cause permanent damage to masonry units. Thus, brick repointing London projects should be left to the professional to ensure that the work is done promptly, tidily and competently. Brickpoint Ltd offers friendly, professional, reliable and affordable brick pointing service for all types of structures in London.

Brick Repairs London Services

Masonry units and brick structures are typically durable, easy to maintain and long lasting. Nonetheless, repair work may be necessary due to weathering effects, water leakage, weak foundations, damp ground, pollution and general negligence. Undertaking brick repairs to rectify the cause of the damage, along with the existing damage itself, then becomes necessary to prevent further damage. In addition to brick pointing London services, Brickpoint Ltd offers quality brick repairs to all forms of brickwork and stonework in London.

Brick Restoration

Masonry and brick restoration work is usually carried out on both modern and historical structures. The need for restoration arises from various reasons, from poor workmanship and negligence to weather ravages and seismic movements. While the need for brick restoration is often visually evident, it’s important to consult with a brick repairs London contractor or a brick pointing company about the extent of damage, its root cause and the right solution to deal with it. Brickpoint Ltd offers quality brick restoration services to private homes, businesses and institutions.

Brick Cleaning

Brick cleaning can greatly enhance the longevity of brickwork as well as its natural beauty. It removes algae, mildew, fungus, lichen, moss and other substances that could cause permanent damage, discoloration or staining. Making brick cleaning part of your regular maintenance plan will provide you with many years of satisfaction. Brickpoint Ltd employs experts in the field of brick cleaning and maintenance, and can thoroughly remove the dirt and stains that have been deposited on your brickwork to keep it in top shape.

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