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February 2014

Brickpoint – Repairs, Repointing And Cleaning Contractor in London

Brickpoint is the most well established and largest brick pointing and repointing company of London. The company is a family run business with more than 50 years of experience in brick repointing and repairs. Brickpoint can easily cover all renovation requirements of your building and uses high-quality materials and the latest equipment and techniques to get you the desired results.

Services Offered By Brickpoint

Brickpoint offers a wide range of services, including brick pointing Surrey services in both new and old work, shot blasting and surface treatments, cleanings, repairs, and shot blasting. The company’s building services include conversions, brick cleaning, brick repairs, alternations, renovations, foundations, chimneys, building repairs, stonework, extensions, heli bar repairs, wall building, and storm damage. The company serves homeowners, property developers, landlords, local authorities, construction companies and national bodies.

Why Point and Repoint?

Excessive gaps can occur over time due to decay and weathering, which look undesirable and also allow seepage of water. This water, through constant thawing/freezing and salt disposition may cause long-term damage to the building. DIY repointing can be more harmful than good. In fact, it won’t look nice and can also raise the level of mortar joints above the face of the masonry, which may cause mortar edges to feather. This would also degrade the bricks. A professional brick pointing London company is the answer!

Brick Cleaning and Restoration

Whether you want to boost the looks of your property or want to add value to it ahead of resale or rental, brick cleaning is an inexpensive and quick solution. Brickpoint has the expertise to remove stains and dirt that may have deposited on your brickwork without damaging the bricks. The technicians from the company use specially formulated brick cleaners and use a proven process for the job.

A brick pointing London service also provides brick restoration services. Brickpoint will send a team that will remove built up dirt and weathering to make your brick as good as a new. Bricks are cleaned with specially formulated industrial strength solution that doesn’t damage your bricks at all.

The company can also cut out the deteriorated brickwork and replace it with new bricks using hi-tech masonry tools. Their equipment allows their workers to precision-cut deep into the brickwork without disturbing the surrounding mortar and structure. Aside from brick pointing Surrey services, repointing job is also taken care of by highly skilled team. The highly affordable and fast brickwork services help in extending the life of your bricks.

All the work of Brickpoint is fully insured and guaranteed. You can seek a no-obligation quote from the company after discussing your needs. In fact, the company would be happy to provide references of its happy customers.

All workmanship from Brickpoint will last for years to come. Whether you’re interested in brick repointing for the entire building or just for your chimney stack, the company would be eager to handle it with precision!

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